A Tale of Two Djinns ★★★★★

A Tale of Two DjinnsA Tale of Two Djinns by Mina Khan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. From like chapter 2 on I was totally sucked in. I literally read the whole book in one sitting. Normally I stop periodically and post updates and quotes while I read. I just never stopped reading to do any of that. I loved the story.

I liked Maya a lot. She’s pressured by her royal family to conceive the next generation of djinn with a witch’s ability. “You’re of royal blood and one of the few females carrying the witch ability,” she said. “It is your duty to pass n the gene to protect not only the country, but our freedom.” Boy is that a lot to have piled on you! After arguing with her mother and aunt because they want to pick out candidates to impregnate her she decides to go to the earth realm to find one herself. There she meets Akshay or Shay. He’s also djinn royalty. Did I mention their families are enemies? Yep a regular Romeo and Juliet story.

This book has everything that you can ask for in a book. War, sex, romance, love, ect. Did it make me cry? Yes, of course. It’s my first book about djinns and I loved it. I loved Mina Khan‘s other book Wildfire and actually won my copy of A Tale of Two Djinns at the release party on Facebook. She’s surely a talented author and I plan to read the rest of her books.

Now for my favorite quote:
“Your wish is my command,” he whispered.

And for fun:
“Did I tell you I was a champion bull rider?” He grabbed his humungous silver buckle and jiggled it.
“So I like a challenge.” He leaned closer.
“And I like my men to last a whole lot longer than eight seconds.”

Burn! hehehe

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